Knowing the Unknown


The path of a Spiritualist


The path of a Scientist

Scientists landed on the moon in 1969 and have been sending probe missions into outer space for exploration. But all their efforts so far have given almost no positive indication of existence of extraterrestrial beings.

The nearest star to the earth is Bernhard, about 6LY away. Light takes 1.25s to cover the distance to the moon and back. So, if we have a spacecraft which travels at one-eighth of the speed of light, even then it would take us about 100yrs to reach the star. This means that we cannot explore life in the objects beyond planets, such as,  Tau ceti and Eridani which are 12LY away. However Dr. Nalrlikar, an eminent astro-physicist says that, perhaps, we would have a sufficiently motivated group of people who could marry, produce children and train them while on journey. Even if such people were located, the spaceship would have to weigh 50K tonnes, 47K tonnes out of this would have to be fuel and this would mean all the nuclear fuel in the world. Obivously, it would not be possible for man to look for life in a spacecraft by taking the above mentioned appoarch. Now, can we know the truth about the cosmos through science alone?

Let us realise that knowledge which comes through research of human beings, however sceintific be the method and however sophisticated be the instruments, is mixed with dreams, hopes, prejudies, fallacies or inadequacies. It has gaps and is incomplete. A well known philosopher, karl popper, therefore says that falsification in whole or on parts is the anticipated fate of all hypothesis. No hypothesis he says, can be clamied to be completely true in itself. A scientist may only say that this is the best he has been able to find. Any claim higher than that would be unjustified. This contention of his is leveraged by the history or science itself. Thus all should realise that there are topics which, by nature are subtle and esoteric and pertain to a releam which is other than that of matter which forms the subject of study of physical and material sciences. Light on such subtle topics comes through divine revelations. These revelations would surely be of interest both to the scientists and spiritualists.

One of these is that, beyond the stars and the galaxies is a region of ever luminous photon like principle. That region is of Angles. Yoga is the means of communication with these extra-terrestrial beings. Beyond this region yet another region of immesurable expanse. Here is very subtle light whose colour is as we see in the horizon at the time of sunrise. In this photon like evershining light dwell souls in the incorporeal state. It is there that the supreme soul, the being of light, who is knowledgeful, peaceful and blissful abides. Meditation and spirituality helps us to know that exquisite and the most sublime eternal entity.

Man is originally divine in his nature. This is expounded by swami vivekananda in one of his speeches as “Religion is the manifestation of the divinity already in man”. The world was originally paradise. There was perfect peace on earth. But due to carnal desires and loss of spiritual values, man has lost his true divine nature and people around the world are busy preparing weapons of world destruction. Of course, after the great catastrophe, the world order will start with an era of purity and peace but most part of human kind will be destroyed through social and nuclear catastrophes. It would thus, be proper for scientists and spiritualists to consider the present age as a most crucial phase of world history and work in tandem for the well being of the world by realising their true identities. The greatest genius in the feild of science Albert Einsten advocated a similar message;
Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe-a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble.”

By Arhan

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